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About Firebrand 

Backup Power Solutions and Electrical Contracting Servicing in Sonoma, Napa & Marin

We founded Firebrand in order to provide comprehensive power solutions for the concerns home and business owners in our Northern California community face from wildfires and power shut-offs.


We are focused on the wellbeing of our community members. Our unwavering mission is to provide personal safety, emergency power generation, and property protection amid the uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances surrounding wildfires. 

Northern California Power Generation & Fire Safety Consultants

In recent years, wildfires have become a growing concern for home and business owners across Northern California. Firebrand was founded by a general contractor and firefighter to address this enormous threat to our community.

We tailor backup power plans for each customer's unique needs, offering solar, generator, and battery solutions. Our Sonoma power storage experts can help.


We provide advanced solutions and an integrative system that can be tailored to each property owner’s specific needs, including electrical demands. We take pride in meeting power storage needs in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and surrounding counties. 

Sonoma Power Generation & Safety Solutions

With experience in high-end construction and firefighting, the team behind Firebrand came together determined to launch a company that purposefully addressed the emergent needs surrounding personal and property safety in fire situations. We are a progressive company offering diversity of experience and perspectives, which enables us to develop and deliver services and products that address unmet safety needs.


When it comes to power generation, we do everything from design, permitting, installation, and service. With Firebrand, you get more than just the products. You get the entire system. As residents of Sonoma and Napa counties, our Santa Rosa power storage experts are deeply committed to creating real wildfire solutions for the people of Northern California.


Richard Kirby


Richard Kirby is the founder and President of Firebrand Safety Systems. He has over 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction management. Before founding Firebrand Safety Systems, in 2003 Richard started Kirby Construction, a commercial residential construction company in Santa Rosa. In 2013, he founded Annadel Builders, Inc., a second construction company with a 100% focus on custom residential construction. In 2014, after completing Leadership Santa Rosa, Richard was drawn to serve his community and joined Rincon Valley Fire as a volunteer firefighter, fighting the Valley Fire, the Tubbs Fire, and the Kincade Fire. During these campaigns, he saw firsthand the destruction caused by wildfires as well as the steps necessary to prevent loss of life and property. Armed with this knowledge and a genuine desire to serve his community, Richard co-founded Firebrand Safety Systems, the first step in residential wildfire destruction prevention. 

Richard's unique background as both a fireman and a builder sets his expertise and consulting abilities apart, and enables our team at Firebrand Safety Services to offer something other companies simply can’t compete with: A full-service general contractor who can handle all fire safety and power services needs from A to Z. 

Richard holds a degree in Construction Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and currently still serves as a firefighter and high-end home builder. He works on large events in the Santa Rosa area and responds locally from fire station Middle Rincon 5 as a volunteer during routine fire events.


Tanya Sedgwick

Chief Financial Officer

Tanya Sedgwick is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Firebrand Safety Systems. Tanya has successfully run a small accounting firm and served as the financial controller for several multimillion-dollar companies over the course of her career. Backed by years of experience in finance, she is dedicated to complete satisfaction for Firebrand’s clients.

Tanya is passionate about helping her community navigate the new normal of living in a high fire risk environment; she co-founded Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc in 2019. 

Tanya has lived in Sonoma County for over 30 years, raising her family and building bonds in the community. 


Steve Rahmn, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Rahmn, Jr. is cofounder and Chief Operating Officer of Firebrand Safety Systems.  He has over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry.  Most recently he was Project Manager for a large electrical contractor where he managed challenging multi-million-dollar projects throughout the Bay Area.  Previously as an IBEW trained electrician, he spent over 25 years working for a local electrical contractor, overseeing both industrial and residential projects throughout Sonoma County.  His vast electrical and construction knowledge, commitment to excellence, and passion for delivering outstanding customer satisfaction is what makes him a valuable and successful member of the Firebrand team.  

Steve is a 35-year resident of Santa Rosa and a third-generation electrician with strong ties to the community.   As a survivor of the Tubbs fire in 2017, he knows first-hand the trauma of losing his home and the challenges of rebuilding homes and lives at the same time.  As a result of this experience, followed by the common occurrence of power outages, Steve is dedicated to providing residents security and peace of mind by supplying backup electrical systems for their homes and businesses. 

In his spare time, Steve is volunteer President of nonprofit Coffey Strong, offering his expertise in construction protocol to neighbors who lost their homes, organizing common area projects, and raising funds to rebuild his fire-devastated neighborhood of Coffey Park.

Our Team

We Care About You & Your Home

At Firebrand, we put our community first. We strongly urge our clients to heed the call of fire departments and other emergency service personnel when they suggest or demand evacuation. If and when you do have to evacuate your home or property, you will have peace of mind knowing you worked with the best team in the field to prepare—and please know our thoughts will be with you and your loved ones during an emergency.


We believe that if we do our job well, you should feel more comfortable and confident in a crisis situation. You will be able to leave your structure and belongings with the knowledge that it is more likely to be there when you return. You will be able to face a Public Safety Power Shut-Off (PSPS) knowing our Sonoma power generation professionals installed the latest response and power storage equipment with advanced battery, solar, or generator solutions. You will be able to face fire season with confidence and peace of mind.


Whether you are in need of fire safety, power storage, or other consulting or contracting services related to emergency preparedness, Firebrand has the solutions you need.

Schedule a consultation with our Northern California team today.

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