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Maintaining a property that meets California's Wildfire Urban-Interface (WUI) codes and standards for wildfires is important, especially for homes in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa. Currently, California law mandates that new and remodeled structures adhere to these requirements in areas designated as danger zones by the California Fire Science Consortium

Firebrand Safety Systems was founded in response to these latest codes and standards. We help home and business owners address their needs to make properties more resistant to wildfire. How do we do this? By reducing the exposure of building and home structures to ignition sources in the event of a wildfire.

Prepare for a Public Power Safety Shutoff (PSPS)

Our team is also experienced in power generation options, including solar, generators, and battery backup power systems. Our goal is to make sure you are as safe and prepared as possible. Talk to the Santa Rosa backup power professionals at Firebrand Safety Systems today to find out more about how we can support you.  


Schedule a Wildfire Risk Assessment

Prepare for wildfire by scheduling a home and property assessment with our Sonoma Wildfire Mitigation Specialist. Your personalized assessment will include the following:

  • Property evaluation and Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Risk Assessment – Includes a thorough evaluation of your property’s topography and vegetation (obtained by drone footage) along with potential on-site or nearby water sources and egress routes. This information, coupled with the knowledge of predominant weather and historical fire behavior patterns in your geographical area, will be used to gauge your property’s potential of surviving a wildfire.

  • Home and Property Hardening and Mitigation Strategies – Includes suggestions for implementing structural hardening techniques, utilizing fire resistant building materials and landscaping, and reducing hazardous fuels and vegetation in order to minimize the risk of ignition from wind blown embers during a wildfire.

  • Defending your home and property and evacuation planning – Includes basic instruction in wildland firefighting techniques and knowledge for properties deemed defendable in certain situations. Detailed evacuation planning with routes and suggestions for practice, creation of essential items checklists and “to-go bags,” and fire safe storage options will be provided. 


What Is Home Hardening?

Hardening your home means making your home and property more resilient against the threat of a wildfire.​ We achieve this for our clients through the use of: 

  • Ignition resistant materials on the exterior of the structure 

  • Prevention of burning wood or embers from gaining entry to the vented spaces of the building (such as the attic)

  • Special screens in locations where the venting cannot be eliminated 

  • Fire suppression systems for exteriors 

  • Landscape planning for ground control

  • Water source planning

We know that preparing your home isn’t always enough, which is why we also offer personal evacuation safety planning and products and more. Talk to the professionals at Firebrand Safety Systems today to find out how we can support you. 


Firebrand Safety Systems Goes Beyond Basic Home Hardening

At Firebrand Safety Systems, we are proud to offer additional hardening services for new, remodeled, and existing homes. Whether you own a home or a business in California, the newest code sets the lowest standard for these materials and conditions to make properties slightly resistant to fires. Many homes have not yet been remodeled to meet the new code, while many homes in urban areas are not even required to adhere to this section of the code. 

It is almost unheard of for urban neighborhoods to have houses that are built with materials resistant to ignition. That is why we offer home hardening services to homes throughout Northern California, including urban and suburban residences. Through upgraded materials and fireproofing techniques, our Sonoma fire safety experts can ensure your urban home is just as fire resistant and prepared for wildfires as the standards applied to rural properties. 

Our comprehensive fire safety services can be customized to provide a complete package of power security, structure ignition protection, and exterior fire suppression for your home. We can make you and your family exponentially safer by implementing just a few minor changes and services to build additional protection and preparation for your home or business facility.

Fire Preparation Consultation
One hour site summary consultation to review home hardening, site evaluation, and evacuation preparedness. No written reports.
1 hour
Fire Preparation Assessment and Planning
Wildfire Preperation Consultation including site assesment with checklists and drone footage, water source review, defensible space review, evacuation plans and drills. Includes comprehensive written report of recommendations.
3 hours onsite 2-6 hours offsite

Fire Evacuation Planning in Sonoma & Napa

Increasing your home’s defenses while mitigating risk constitutes one step in an effective wildfire strategy. The next is evacuation planning. Our Napa fire safety experts will include a detailed evacuation route and strategy as part of your property assessment. This includes our best suggestions for essential items checklists, “to-go bags,” and firesafe storage options.

GO KITs – We Make It Easier to Leave When You Need To.

In an emergency evacuation, it's hard to gather up your essential belongings in time to leave your home quickly and safely. Most people in those circumstances struggle to leave when the first warnings come out, waiting until the last minute or finding themselves simply ill-prepared. When a wildfire sweeps through a community, saving your life and the lives of your loved ones can come down to minutes.

That is where our GO KITs come in. Our Sonoma fire preparation experts know that evacuating in the midst of a wildfire can be extremely scary and stressful. The last thing you need to worry about in a life-or-death emergency is gathering safety supplies from your garage, closet, attic, and other dispersed storage areas. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined product we like to think of as a GO KIT for homeowners, increasing your personal safety preparation.

Drawing on experience in firefighting and construction, our Napa fire safety team selected a series of products for yourself and your family to utilize if evacuation becomes necessary, whether you make the choice well in advance or just in time. 

Browse Firebrand's GO KITs 

Request a Consultation for Optimal Home Fire Protection

Firebrand Safety Systems truly cares about the protection of your home and your family. While we cannot guarantee your property’s complete protection, we can provide the most comprehensive protection available by utilizing smart, approved materials and treatments, as well as properly planned and managed landscapes. We also can work with you on a tailored backup power solution for your Sonoma home.

Contact Firebrand today to discuss your options and schedule a site visit.