Fire Resistant Equipment for Sonoma Homeowners

Get Fire Safe in Sonoma County

Fire Resistant Shelters for Sonoma, Napa & Marin

Every Northern California resident needs a plan for dealing with a wildfire or power shut-off. Preparing for emergency fires is a vital aspect of living in this community. As wildfires continue to threaten Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Mendocino, and surrounding counties, it is crucial that property owners do everything in their power to prepare. Knowing you can protect your home’s water supply, power generation equipment, and personal property can give you peace of mind and facilitate quicker evacuation in a fire event. 

Introducing the Modular Fire Fence

As part of our continued mission to serve communities in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), Firebrand Safety Systems is proud to introduce the Modular Fire Fence.


Drawing from extensive experience, our Napa fire safety professionals have developed a fire resistant structure to protect your home’s vital water supply and power generation equipment during a wildfire. When installed around well heads, water tanks, propane tanks, and generators, this system becomes a barrier against direct wildfire impingement. Combined with good housekeeping and fire safety practices, the goal of the Modular Fire Fence is to equip you with last resort protection for your belongings while a fire front passes.

Protect Your Sonoma Backup Power Source

Firebrand Safety Systems offers power generation solutions for our Santa Rosa-area customers. Our customized backup power solutions include solar, generators, and battery options. We have partnerships with several premier generator companies to provide our customers with the best possible solutions at the best price. If your property relies on a generator during a fire-related power outage or a Public Power Safety Shut-off (PSPS), talk with our team about installing a Modular Fire Fence to protect your power source. Learn more about our power generation options.

Do I Need a Fire Resistant Shelter?

Fire events can be incredibly devastating and destructive. Some fires ravage entire communities. In other cases, only a string of homes and businesses are hit. Staying prepared for any circumstance is extremely important, especially when it comes to the protecting your property.


The Modular Fire Fence can:

  • Protect your home’s water supply and power generation equipment

  • Provide last resort protection for valuable belongings that can’t come with you in an evacuation

  • Help you avoid wasting precious time packing or worrying about expensive property and residential infrastructure

  • Give you greater peace of mind in an emergency situation

Coupled with a GO KIT from Firebrand Safety Systems, a fire resistant shelter can help you stay prepared for a fire event. Our team of fire safety experts is here to help you to take additional charge of your safety and your property in emergency situations.


As a reminder, always obey your fire department when evacuation is recommended or required. Never stay behind to protect your home or to place items in a fire resistant shelter last minute in the event of a fire nearby.

See The Modular Fire Fence In Acton.

Choosing the Option That's Right For You.

The Modular Fire Fence is constructed of steel tubing in non-combustible fiber cement boards and coated with intumescent fire-resistant paint (Systems Overview and Elements FFA & FFE). This system is available in 48” wide by 42” tall modular sections that can be assembled in a square, rectangle or, octagon formations.    

4’x4’ Modular Fire Fence Package
$1,534.00 + Tax and Shipping
4’x4’ Modular Generator Enclosure
$1,710.00 + Tax and Shipping
4’x8’ Modular Fire Fence Package
$2,301.00 + Tax and Shipping
10’ Diameter Modular Fire Fence
$3,069.00 + Tax and Shipping
Individual 4’ Sections:
$384.00 + Tax and Shipping

Get Prepared, Get Peace of Mind.

Start with a Consultation.

Always heed the evacuation notices and recommendations of all emergency personnel. The sooner you leave, the safer you and your family will be in an emergency fire. We know how hard it can be to leave your home when you are concerned about fire damage. In an evacuation or local fire event, there is enough on your mind.


At Firebrand, we provide the property protection you need so you don't have to waste a single second worrying about belongings or home infrastructure. When you have to evacuate, be ready with a personal evacuation plan and GO KITs for your family members.


Find out which fire safety products are right for you. Call the Sonoma team at Firebrand Safety Systems  today.