Fire Resistant Storage Units for Northern California Homeowners

Fire Safety Consulting in Napa & Sonoma

Fire Resistant Shelters in Sonoma, Marin & Napa

Every Northern California resident needs to have a plan for dealing with a wildfire or power shut-off. Preparing for emergency fires is a vital aspect of living in this community. As wildfires continue to threaten Napa, Sonoma, Marin, Mendocino, and surrounding counties, it is crucial that property owners do everything in their power to protect their own safety and wellbeing. Having an option to protect personal property that you can’t bring with you can provide greater peace of mind and encourage quicker evacuation. 


Firebrand Safety Systems is proud to partner with community members in achieving this goal. We are developing fire resistant sheds for individual property protection. Our goal is to provide products that equip you with last resort protection for your belongings while a fire front passes.

Do I Need a Personal Fire Safety Shelter?

Fires can be devastating. In some cases, they may ravage a whole community while in other cases only a string of homes and businesses are hit. Staying prepared for any circumstances is extremely important, especially when it comes to your personal safety and property.


Why consider investing in a fire resistant shelter?

  • Protects more valuable belongings that can’t come with you

  • Helps you avoid wasting precious time packing or worrying about property

  • Gives you greater peace of mind in emergency situations 

Coupled with a GO KIT from Firebrand Safety Systems, a fire shed allows you to take more charge of your safety and your property in emergency situations.


As a reminder, these shelters are meant as a last resort option in extreme conditions. ​Always obey your fire department when evacuation is recommended or required. Never stay behind to protect your home or try to place items in a fire safety shed last minute in the event of a fire nearby.


Get Prepared, Gain Peace of Mind. Start with a Consultation.

Above all, we encourage you to carefully heed the evacuation notices and recommendations of all emergency personnel. The sooner you leave, the safer you and your family will be in an emergency fire. We know how hard it can be to leave your home when you are concerned about fire damage. Our goal is to provide the property protection you need to have the peace of mind to leave when it's time. When you have to evacuate, be prepared with a personal evacuation plan and GO KIT for your family members.


Find out which fire safety products are right for your needs when you  call the Northern California fire safety team at Firebrand Safety Systems  today.