Home Hardening and Evacuation Preparation in Northern California

GO KITS from Firebrand Safety Systems

We Make It Easier to Leave When You Need To.

In an emergency evacuation, it's hard is gather up your essential belongings in time to leave your home quickly and safely. Most people in those circumstances struggle to leave when the first warnings come out, waiting until the last minute or finding themselves simply ill-prepared. When a wildfire sweeps through a community, saving your life and the lives of your loved ones can come down to minutes.

That is where Firebrand Safety Systems comes in. Our founder is a volunteer firefighter, working events in Sonoma County area. After the most recent devastating fires in Northern California, he felt led to create a company that would offer total solutions to property owners facing the growing threat of wildfires. 


In addition to providing power generation services to protect your home, we provide personal evacuation plans and products you need to leave your property with confidence and peace of mind. 

Get Your GO Kit from Firebrand Safety Systems!
We know that evacuating in the midst of a wildfire threat can be extremely scary and stressful. The last thing you need to worry about in a life-or-death emergency situation is gathering safety supplies from your garage, closet, attic, and other dispersed storage areas. That’s why we’ve created a streamlined product we like to think of as a "GO KIT" for homeowners, increasing your personal resistance to the dangers of smoke and fire. 

Drawing on experience in firefighting and construction, our Napa fire safety team selected a series of products for yourself and your family to utilize if evacuation becomes necessary, whether you make the choice well in advance or just in time. 

Ready to discuss your evacuation plan and get your GO KIT? Reach out to Firebrand Safety Systems today for more information on personal evacuation safety in your Northern California community.