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4 Perks of Adding a Solar Battery

Every homeowner must decide how to manage their energy system and household usage. For many people, the incentive to improve household energy efficiency is strong. Every year, more and more California homeowners are adding solar panels to their roofs to take advantage of the sunnier days. For some, this provides significant cost savings when it comes to those spiking utility bills. For other homeowners, solar panels alone don’t provide the cost savings and security they are looking for.

The good news? There are options to expand the average home solar panel system and energy storage. One of the most common ways to capitalize on all the solar energy your panels create is by investing in a solar battery. Wondering if a solar battery is a smart solution for your home energy usage? We’ve outlined some of the top reasons to consider adding on a battery for your household below.

1. Get Energy Security & Peace of Mind

Having on-demand energy is extremely valuable, especially in areas like Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties that experience regular rolling blackouts during wildfire season. When your home energy is solely dependent on the grid, it can be unreliable and a safety issue for your household. The latest solar and energy technology can enable homeowners to not only capture and sell back their electricity to the grid, but also store additional electricity for future usage through solar batteries. Having a solar battery means that a homeowner enjoys more energy independence, as well as peace of mind during emergency situations, such as a PG&E implemented Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). Whether it's a high-wind storm or raging wildfire that causes a blackout, knowing your home is equipped to generate and store electricity for emergency purposes can provide the ultimate energy security.

2. Reduce Your Household's Carbon Footprint

With solar panels installed on your home, you are already helping cut back on emissions and reducing your household carbon footprint--but what about taking it a step further? Having only solar panels that send power back to the grid and don’t take advantage of additional electricity produced means that you are still tied to the grid for any peak hour (or after the sun is down) demands. When an average-sized house has a basic solar panel system, it typically means they are utilizing a hybrid form of electricity production-- both clean solar energy and grid electricity (most likely created by fossil fuels). While this is still better than being solely dependent on the grid, there are other options to further cut back on fossil fuel usage. With a solar battery added to your system, you can maximize the clean solar energy your panels are producing, further cutting back on your footprint. If you are truly concerned about doing your part to go green, having a solar battery is a great way to expand your home solar panel system and keep shrinking that carbon footprint.

3. Cut Down on Electrical Bills

Solar panels are a great way to either eliminate or greatly reduce your electricity bills. For many households, selling back their unused electricity generated helps completely cover their energy expenses. Unfortunately, the current buy-back pricing is up in the air, with many changes likely coming down the pipe for California solar panel owners. From peak-use / time-of-use rate gouging to metering fluctuations, homeowners may feel tricked and confused about how they can be paying more when they are producing plenty of clean energy. If you are concerned about net metering policy your utility company has or is updating, having a solar battery can combat those issues. A home solar battery will allow you to store any additional clean energy your panels produce and utilize it when necessary, completely avoiding the grid as much as possible--especially during those more expensive hours of the day. This approach can ensure you maximize your clean energy usage and your savings on electricity.

4. Minimize Air & Noise Pollution in Emergencies

Of course, many people already have a backup power provider in place -- the classic gas generator. While this is still a great emergency option, most generators rely on fossil fuels, making them less green and requiring you to have the fuel ready to run them. Not only that, but generators also create a significant amount of noise pollution. Comparatively, solar batteries can be fully ready to go with clean electricity provided from your panels at no extra cost to you to operate. Additionally, they don’t create noise pollution, providing a sense of regularity and peace to your household in emergency situations. While your solar panels produce more energy during the day, your solar battery will continue to recharge and provide your home with much-needed electricity through any power outage.

Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc. is proud to serve homeowners throughout Northern California, providing solar battery set-up in Sonoma, Napa, Marin and beyond. We can assist with everything from solar power installation coordination to home battery management. Have more questions about solar battery options or installation? We are here to talk.

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