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Boosting Your Home’s Energy Resilience

Having a source of backup power for a home is crucial for inclement weather, natural disasters, and other unexpected emergencies. In Northern California especially, recent severe fire seasons have led to more frequent Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). Most homeowners would confess that the time they feel most vulnerable and in need of confidence in their home’s power source is in the face of such natural disasters.

When you are left without access to power in times of severe emergency, it can leave you more than just uncomfortable. Going without power can be a major safety concern, whether due to extreme temperatures, lack of lighting and visibility, loss of food supply, or cut off electronic communication.

Can You Expect Lasting Power from Backup Generators?

Modern-day backup generators are thoughtfully designed to provide peace of mind to homeowners. While the most simple solution is to go to the store and pick out a backup generator from the aisle, for larger or more isolated homes, a more integrated approach may be needed. It is important to select the right generator for your home size and location, as well as to ensure it is correctly installed and maintained so it's ready when you need it.

We highly recommend KOHLER generators for their proven reliability and reputation earned from hundreds of tests throughout the design and production process. Their mission is to equip homeowners with 24/7 energy protection for their properties.

KOHLER generators and other similar quality products are built to handle large starting loads and extreme workloads, especially things like your HVAC system, without having to cut off power to other appliances throughout the house. That means you can count on your generator to cover everything from your home heating to your refrigerator—no sacrifices necessary.

In areas across Sonoma County, sometimes PSPS mandates can last anywhere from hours to days. Having lasting power from a backup generator is one of the few ways families can ensure their basic needs and comfort are met during these shut offs.

How Rechargeable Battery Power Fuels Homes in Emergencies

Most homeowners think only of backup generators when it comes to emergency power supply, however, rechargeable batteries are starting to make more waves in this market.

Brands like sonnenCore provide homeowners with rechargeable batteries that can be hooked up and utilized for emergency backup power—whether or not the homeowner has solar arrays. These compact batteries provide complete peace of mind while also being extremely environmentally-friendly. Some other benefits? They are very quiet, provide essential power backup, and offer easy energy management for homeowners.

While backup generators are typically used on an emergency basis only, rechargeable batteries can be integrated into a home’s energy usage on a regular basis, lowering energy bills and reducing grid reliance.

Those with solar panels can also utilize the battery to store excess energy for additional usage, allowing them to take advantage of clean energy while reducing their carbon footprint even further.

There are a growing number of options on the market for home batteries, but we like the sonnenCore because of its revolutionary ability to handle larger loads, providing a more comprehensive energy solution for homeowners. It is also maintenance free, doesn’t require fuel, and needs no supervision, making it an ideal solution for emergency situations that often feel chaotic.

Creating a Resilient & Reliable Energy System

There are many ways you can invest your home renovation budget, but few provide the level of peace of mind, safety, and energy assurance that a backup power system provides. Living in Sonoma County or surrounding areas means that having a reliable source of power is crucial. While there are many options out there, the strongest way to ensure that your home always has accessibility to power is to take a comprehensive approach.

This takes a three-pronged approach:

  • Functioning solar panels installed

  • Battery storage utilizing and storing excess solar energy

  • Standby generator ready to provide additional backup

When integrated effectively, all three of these components can be properly managed by software controls for streamlined outage protection. Though not every household will desire to develop such a thorough level of energy resilience, it may be the right fit for your energy and safety goals.

Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc. believes in keeping our local Sonoma County homeowners safe. If you are interested in learning more about preparing your home for the next power outage, reach out to our fire and PSPS safety professionals today.

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