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Capitalize on Smart Power Generation in 2023

Power generation is constantly changing and developing. At the forefront of development is renewable energy. For most home and business owners throughout Northern California, solar energy is the most accessible source of renewable energy, which is why so many are choosing to invest in solar panels, whether for their home or their commercial properties.

Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc. has been providing tailored smart power generation solutions for years. We take pride in creating plans that help our clients meet their efficiency and clean energy goals, whatever those may be. We stay up to date on developments in power generation so that we can continue to provide comprehensive plans for homeowners in Sonoma, Santa Rosa, and surrounding areas.

Whether you are trying to save money in the face of rising energy bills or want to minimize your household footprint, make 2023 the year you change your power consumption concerns.

Solar Panels

It is no surprise that California is one of the leading states in solar panel installation and energy production. As of September 2022, there are more than 1.5 million solar panel systems installed across the state. On average, residents in California pay a higher electricity rate compared to the rest of the nation, which is one of the many reasons so many are adding solar panels to their homes. An average household could save up to $1,568 each year with a system that covers their total energy needs, with those savings potentially rising as electricity rates continue to increase each year.

Our team is here to help with solar panel installation coordination and power management, ensuring the process is as smooth and efficient as possible for NorCal residents looking to make the switch in 2023. We cut out all the confusion and questions regarding solar panel savings and planning, helping you create a plan that will address your household energy needs and help you make the most of your renewable energy system.

If you already have solar panels but would like to find a way to make them more profitable heading into the new year, Firebrand can review your system and help you implement the necessary steps to improve energy independence.

Battery Storage

One of the fastest growing areas in green power generation is storage. Solar panels work great for many homeowners, covering their daytime power needs and sometimes even exceeding them. Adding in a battery to store this additional solar power allows homes to further expand their green energy consumption, as well as enhance their overall energy independence.

Many homeowners consider adding a battery to capitalize on all the green energy their solar panels are creating or to provide their home with a backup power solution in the face of storms or other emergencies. It can also be used to store energy for peak hours when power grids charge solar customers more for having to draw from the grid. Whatever the reason, having a battery to store excess solar panel production is a great step toward optimal power generation efficiency.

Our team can help you step into 2023 with greater energy independence and confidence by assisting with battery storage set-up and home power usage management. We are here to ensure your home solar and battery system operates at optimal efficiency.

Backup Power Solutions

Taking advantage of the latest technological developments to equip your home with renewable energy resources is a great step. For homes that don’t have solar panel power and battery storage, it is important to have backup power solutions that can be relied upon in emergency situations, from unexpected storm blackouts to power loss due to wildfire.

Going into the new year, make sure you have total peace of mind regarding your family’s household power needs by securing the right backup generator for your home. Firebrand understands how crucial it is for homeowners across Sonoma County to have the power they need at all times. That is why we have built strategic partnerships with some of the top-rated power generation companies, including Cummins Power Systems and Kohler Power Generation, both of which empower our team to be able to deliver well-rounded power solutions to our customers.

Whether you have power, fire safety or efficiency concerns, our team is ready to help you address those concerns and make lasting power improvements for 2023 and beyond.

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