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Does Autumn Impact Solar Panel Production?

While most of California’s version of fall looks a little different than the East Coast might experience, the end of September still signifies a shifting of seasons--and sunlight. In the peak summer months, Sonoma County residents can expect the sun to begin rising just after 5:45 am and providing a nice amount of rays until a little after 8:00 pm, with the sun officially setting at 8:30 pm. In comparison, around mid to late September, the sun begins to rise around 7:00 am and sets around 7:00 pm, with some areas already losing valuable sun rays around 6:30 pm.

Other factors that can impact solar production during the autumn season include cloudier days, smoke from wildfires (more common from Sept - Mid November in Northern California), and other seasonal weather changes.

For homeowners with solar panels, this significant reduction in sunshine can seem intimidating at first. Are solar panels effective at producing enough household energy all year long? While the summertime in Sonoma and surrounding counties certainly boasts plenty of sunny days, the later months of the year can be a little more unpredictable. Some years, NorCal will enjoy clear sunny days through December, even though the daylight hours are reduced. Other years, Sonoma County may have cloudy (or even smoky) days for weeks on end.

The good news? Home solar panel systems can be thoughtfully designed to produce and provide the electricity your household needs.

Solutions for Less Sunshine in Those Fall & Winter Months

Aside from traditional solar panels, there are additional features that can be added to a home for solar energy to become a fully sustainable source of power. In fact, you can still depend on your solar panels to produce energy on chillier, cloudier fall days, it will just be at a lower rate than those peak sunny days of the summer. Knowing this can help your household plan your energy usage needs accordingly.

Autumn in Northern California is also one of the most pleasant times of the year, with cooling temperatures and cloudier days allowing for a reduction in usage on a typical home's air conditioning system. This is one of the greater electricity demands during the summer months, matching the increased production with increased demand!

One solution for combating the gloomier fall days that we here at Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc. always recommend is incorporating a solar battery. While still relatively new as a residential solution, solar batteries have seen a major increase in demand over the last few years. Homeowners with solar panels or looking to switch to a cleaner energy source are taking advantage of batteries that allow them to store energy created for usage during peak demand or lower producing times. Having a solar battery allows homeowners to access more of their solar-produced energy rather than simply sending it back to the grid. A solar battery is also a great way to protect your home from unexpected power outages associated with wildfire blackouts and other unpredictable weather or emergency situations.

Keeping Your Home Solar Powered Year-Round

Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc. has been helping residents across Sonoma County and the surrounding areas maintain and manage their home solar panel systems for years. We are a trusted partner in keeping the lights on while keeping the energy bills low and the carbon footprint even lower.

Our team would be happy to assist you with coordinating the following and more:

  • Solar panel installation planning

  • Management of solar power needs and overall usage

  • Solar battery storage set-up

  • Management of backup battery power for home

We understand that understanding the nuances of solar power can be overwhelming at times. Whether you are trying to find the right solar panel set-up for your household size or want to make sure your home is equipped with a solid and clean backup power plan, Firebrand has the experience and insight to help.

Contact us today to learn more about solar and battery installation and management for your Sonoma County home. We look forward to helping you design a customized power generation and storage system for your property.

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