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Why Fire Season Makes Solar Energy More Important Than Ever

As extreme wildfires continue to threaten Northern California, finding reliable energy sources has become more vital than ever. One of our major goals at Firebrand Safety Systems is to help our community members prepare for emergencies. The 2019 PG&E public safety power shutoffs are a perfect example of our community’s ongoing need for sustainable energy during emergency scenarios. Solar power, as a clean renewable energy source, is the perfect solution to this problem. Whether you use solar as your primary energy system, or you install a solar-powered battery back-up system, solar is the most reliable and sustainable energy model out there. Our Napa and Sonoma power generation experts can tell you more.

1. Solar energy is consistent – Unlike centralized electricity systems, solar offers local clean energy that can withstand grid outages. Solar systems are seamless and reliable, able to connect to a microgrid so that collective generation and consumption can be balanced for maximum energy production. Solar provides the ultimate solution for dependable, sustainable, and long-term energy, and ensures peace of mind during widespread power outages—planned or otherwise.

2. Solar energy is clean – Along with providing power during emergency shutdowns, solar provides a green renewable energy source that is virtually unlimited and free. Unlike diesel generators which run on fossil fuels, solar can supply energy during power outages without risk of spilling harmful emissions and air pollutants, and it doesn’t create the intense local air and noise pollution of diesel generators.

3. Solar is more reliable than generators during an emergency – Fuel stations run on electricity. When a power outage hits, the only fuel your generator will have will be whatever you have already stored. People with solar don’t have this problem: as long as you’ve got sunlight, you’ve got energy. What’s more, solar panels do not always need direct sunlight. Solar panels can still provide power on cloudy days, and they can also be equipped with a storage design feature allowing energy to be saved for nighttime as well as for days when sun exposure does not meet the minimum threshold.

4. Solar energy poses less of a wildfire hazard – The electric grid of today is outdated and vulnerable to extreme weather and wildfires. Electricity flowing through power lines causes them to heat, expand, and sag nearer to the ground, posing a potential risk for creating wildfires. In contrast, solar-powered energy systems are able to operate off the main electricity grid and pose less of a wildfire risk.

5. Solar panels require little maintenance – Solar panels can come with tempered glass that can weather hail, snow, rain, and high winds. Unlike generators, they rarely require maintenance, so you’re less likely to encounter problems when you need power the most such as when under the risk of wildfires and energy shutdowns. Finally, if you use solar as a backup power source, your solar inverter automatically switches from grid power to solar in the event of a shutdown, requiring little no set-up on your part.

Our Napa and Sonoma power generation experts can tell you more and help you find a solution that meets your needs. Contact us by calling (707) 303-7250 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

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