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Power Proofing Your Home in the New Year

Owning a home requires year-round maintenance and care. As we welcome the new year, now is a great time to consider how you could improve your home’s energy usage. Solar and energy storage technology is growing and expanding like never before, making it more accessible than ever for homeowners to have control over their energy production and demands.

Start Saving with Solar Panels

When most people think of solar panels, they think of saving money and going green. There is no denying that solar panels are great for reducing a household’s carbon footprint, or that they help homeowners save significant amounts on monthly electrical costs. Solar panels do much more than that though -- they provide assurance and reliability. Generating clean, efficient energy through your own solar panels is not only rewarding, it's reassuring and dependable.

Our team helps with solar panel installation in Sonoma, Napa, and surrounding areas. We also provide additional solar power management services, ensuring you get the most out of your solar panels.

Expand Your System with a Solar Battery

Solar panels seem like second nature now for many Northern California homeowners. Taking advantage of our sunny weather to cut back on energy usage and spending seems like a smart choice -- but what about a solar battery? Do you really need to store the extra solar energy you make instead of sending it back to the grid?

Here are some of the top reasons to invest in a solar battery in 2022:

  • Protection against power outages

  • Energy reserve that can be used for personalized needs (from heating a hot tub to keeping the Christmas lights up an extra week)

  • Avoid surging utility rates (depending on energy company fluctuations)

  • Less dependency on the local energy grid

  • No extra noise pollution (run quietly)

  • Reduce monthly energy bills

Overall, having a solar battery can greatly enhance your home solar power system and provide a greater layer of security in times of higher power demands.

Get Protected with a Backup Generator

Of course, nothing beats the dependability of a backup generator in the face of a storm, wildfire or unexpected power outage. If you don’t already have a backup generator set up to power your home, 2022 is a great time to take your power proofing to the final level. You should never have to go without power, whether it's a serious emergency or random power shut off. With the right generator, you can have peace of mind knowing your refrigerator full of food won’t go to waste, your AC can keep you cool, and your lights can stay on.

There are many great options out there, but we are confident in the products designed and made by KOHLER Power Generation and Cummins Power Systems . We chose to make power generation partnerships with them because we believe in accessibility and ease of use for our customers--something their products deliver on time after time when it matters most.

A Resolution Worth Keeping

Having access to power generation in Sonoma and surrounding areas is extremely important, especially when facing wildfire threats and severe storms in more isolated areas. Firebrand Safety Systems is proud to help homeowners throughout Napa County, Sonoma County, and beyond design energy plans customized to their property. We handle everything from solar panel installation to battery storage set-up to power management and generator selection. If you live in this area, you have experienced the reality of frequent power shut-offs from PG&E in the face of high winds or other wildfire threats. In emergency situations, the last thing you want is to be out of power and communication.

Whether you are interested in saving on your monthly energy bills or ensuring the energy independence and safety of your household, make power proofing your home a New Year’s resolution you can check off the list.

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