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Take Advantage of the Summertime Sunshine

The average daily high temperatures in Sonoma during the summer months range between 84°F and 94°F. That means your air conditioning unit will be kicking into high gear this summer, especially during any heat waves. The cost of keeping your house cool can be steep, especially for Northern California homeowners. While some people may be concerned about the coming warmer months, others are looking forward to taking advantage of the boost in sunshine -- and not just for the vitamin D. Homeowners with solar panels look forward to the sunnier days when they can expect their system to operate at maximum efficiency, producing more than enough clean energy to power all their home appliance needs.

Interested in taking the plunge into solar this summer? Now is the time! Solar panels have never been more accessible, with even major retailer Ikea stepping into solar panel provision. Check out the top reasons to switch to solar before the summer is over below.

1. Cut Back on Summer Spending

There is nothing like getting to the summertime and realizing your wallet is strapped a little tighter than you expected when you see that first utility bill after a heat wave. Every summer you go without solar panels is another summer of spiking bills thanks to all the air conditioning and other summer energy demands on your household. While a solar panel system may be an upfront investment, it will result in instant summer savings and long-term value profit for most homeowners in several years. Why waste more money on energy when you could be spending those extra savings on family outings, staycations, or other fun activities during the summer months. When you switch to solar, you can rest easy knowing your panels are soaking up all that summer sunshine while you relax inside.

2. Capitalize on the Extra Sunshine

While there is never a bad time to make the change to solar panel energy for your home, there is certainly an ideal time. That would be during the summertime -- after all, you will see the most dramatic difference with the extra 5 hours more of sunlight on a typical day during the summertime compared to the wintertime. When your new solar panels are exposed to the extra sunlight, it means you can maximize the energy you are harnessing, and may even want to consider solar battery storage to save all that sunshine for cloudier days. Capitalizing on summer savings with solar panels will feel like a refreshing dip in the pool for your wallet and your household.

3. Don’t Worry About Weather Delays

There is nothing worse than preparing for a big home project only to be hit with bad weather. While Sonoma County may not be known for its rain storms or inclement weather, there is always a chance of a storm or even a fall season wildfire from delaying solar panel installation. On top of that, having panels installed only to be hit with a string of cloudy days can make it a defeating first run of having your new clean energy system installed. Why not start off on a strong foot by installing panels during the sunniest time of the year? With longer daylight hours, it also gives solar panel installers more flexibility and time to tackle more projects, meaning you will likely see your newly ordered panels installed sooner rather than later. For optimal convenience, choose the summertime to make the switch to solar and start seeing savings right away!

4. Start Making a Green Impact Now

Cost savings and convenient energy make solar panels an extremely attractive option for Northern California homeowners. We know there is more to it than that though. As a renewable energy source, solar power can help your household start making a positive impact on the environment. Going green with solar panels does more than just put savings back in your pocket, it works towards a brighter future for our planet and future generations to come. While saving money is great, knowing that you are doing your part to help reduce fossil fuel usage and reduce climate change concerns is worth all the savings and more.

Learn More About Clean Power Generation in Sonoma

Firebrand Safety Systems, Inc. is a proud provider of solar management services. We have seen firsthand how solar panels, solar batteries, and other alternative power generation sources have benefited Sonoma County residents. We encourage you to thoroughly research your solar options and review all the potential cost savings you could be enjoying by switching over to a more clean energy source.

If you have questions or would like to talk to a professional about installation or effective solar panel management in Sonoma, we are always ready to help. Call Firebrand Safety Systems today to talk with our power generation team.

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