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Why Spring 2021 Is the Perfect Time to Install Solar Panels

With warm summer days on the horizon for Northern California—and skyrocketing energy bills along with them—many Sonoma County homeowners are looking to solar power services as a more affordable and sustainable alternative to the traditional electrical grid. While you can certainly reap the benefits of installing a solar power system any time of the year, here are six reasons why we think spring is the optimal time for beginning installation.

1. Preparation for summer – Solar energy requires an involved installation process that can take weeks or even months to complete. From permits to required inspections, there are any number of delays that can extend your timeline far past the date you anticipated transitioning between power sources. By beginning installation in the spring you can guarantee that your system will be up and running for the hottest days of summer.

2. Bank your excess energy credits – For those living in sunny climates, it’s possible to store excess solar energy in the form of energy credits from their utility provider. These credits can then be used during peak energy consumptions seasons when energy expenditure exceeds production. Consequently, by having your solar system installed by spring, you’ll be able to be operational and storing energy credits all summer long!

3. Shorter solar installation wait times – Summer is the peak rush season for solar system installation, resulting in much longer wait times for homeowners. In addition, excessively hot summer temperatures can drastically delay installation timelines. Beat the crowd by scheduling an installation with our team at Firebrand Safety Systems in Sonoma County in the early spring when demand is lower and conditions are temperate.

4. Take advantage of the summer light – Maximize energy production by having your solar panels already in place by the time the seasons with the longest days roll around. It’s especially practical to have solar in place during the spring and especially summer months as energy bills are typically high due to AC use.

5. Reduce the burden on the electrical grid – When you use traditional electricity, your power use is just a small fraction of the larger energy grid in your area. As the weather gets hotter and electricity use rises, your chances of falling victim to a fire safety blackout increases—not to mention the expense of rising utility bills. Using solar power protects you from experiencing blackouts and reduces the burden your household places on your regional electrical grid. Learn more about using solar panels as an alternative energy source in a blackout from our Santa Rosa power generation experts.

6. Solar tax incentives are shrinking in 2021 – If you’re thinking of capitalizing on solar tax incentives, you’d better move fast. 2020 was the last year for the 26% federal solar tax credit. In 2021 it decreased to 22%, and by December 31, 2021 it will disappear completely for residential customers. State incentives are also rapidly decreasing. To qualify, make sure that your system is installed and commissioned by your local power utility.

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