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Why You Need a Backup Generator for the Next PSPS

In Northern California, fire prevention and safety blackouts have become a regular occurrence throughout the year. Routinely, PG&E is leaving thousands of their customers throughout Sonoma County, Napa County, and surrounding areas without electricity in an attempt to reduce wildfire threats. While this method hasn’t necessarily proven effective, the challenge is that the utility company is still doing it. Many believe that these rolling blackouts (or Public Safety Power Shutoff events) can be a threat to resident’s lives, impede response and fire mitigation efforts by local firefighters, and seem to shift all the “blame” onto the public rather than the utility company--whose equipment has frequently been found to spark the wildfires that damaged so much of Northern California.

Backup Generators Should Be a Part of the Plan

So how do you prepare when living in this region? There are many options for ensuring your household remains safe and ready for any wildfire threat, severe storm, or other power outage emergency. One of the most simple and dependable options? A backup generator. While this isn’t a groundbreaking idea, this tried and true piece of equipment is often overlooked by homeowners. Many people opt not to purchase a backup generator until they are faced with an overwhelming need for once--which can often be in the middle of a wildfire emergency creating an unsafe situation or massive demand for the same product.

Of course, Firebrand Safety Systems believes in a multi-prong plan when it comes to preparing for wildfire threats. We know that residents in these regions must take a layered approach, including everything from an evacuation plan and GO Kit to solar panel and battery storage for backup power (a more long-term solution and investment). When customers come to us, we are happy to help them address all of these areas, from clean power generation to backup power safety to evacuation preparation and safety planning.

Determining Your Power Needs

Every homeowner may have different goals and power needs when it comes to preparing for a PSPS or other power outage event. It is important to think through what power needs are essential to you and what power needs may be simply a luxury. For example, do you want to make sure you can keep your refrigerator powered to keep your food edible? Do you worry about not having air conditioning or heating during extreme weather times? If you are looking for a backup generator to power everything from your fridge to your phone to your HVAC, you may need a larger system than someone else simply looking to keep their food good.

We also understand these needs may be ever-changing as wildfire threats continue to develop, which is why we strive to create integrative solutions to address everything from power generation to fire safety to energy efficiency. We work with trusted brands like Kohler Power to ensure our customers get access to comprehensive and dependable power solutions.

We Trust the Kohler Name

Kohler has been around since 1920. Since making their first generator all those decades ago, they’ve become a trusted name everywhere from hospitals to households. Each generator is quality-tested from start to finish with hundreds of performance tests throughout the design process. We know they have a meticulous eye for the details because they want to make generators accessible and easy for customers to use and depend on. In just 10 seconds, generators can be set to automatically power on, even if you are away from home. That provides a great level of peace of mind in all circumstances.

We also love that Kohler offers a range of generators that meet a range of power demands, from 6 kW to 48 kW and beyond. Having this level of backup power means you can face wildfire threats knowing you won’t be out of touch or out of power. While a generator alone doesn’t ensure your safety, it certainly helps maintain your household comfort, security, and connectivity to help you stay on top of any fire emergency news. That is why we at Firebrand Safety Systems care about making sure our customers have the power generation they need, whether it's through a backup generator or integrative home solar and battery storage system.

If you are ready to invest in the safety of your household, talk to one of our team members about installing a backup generator today.

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