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Power Generation Solutions for Sonoma

Power Generation, Battery Storage & Solar Power in Santa Rosa

Don't Face Fire Season Without a Power Generation Plan!

If you live in Sonoma or Napa County, you know that power shut-offs are an increasing issue. It's important to plan and prepare for a power outage. What would you do if you needed to generate power for your home?


PG&E is implementing frequent Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) to keep communities safe during wildfire season. Unfortunately, this also means homeowners are less likely to receive warnings in an emergency fire evacuation, to say nothing of the danger and discomfort of living through a hot Northern California summer without power!


That's where we come in. Firebrand Safety Systems offers battery, solar, and generator solutions for our Sonoma County customers, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your power generation plan is in place!

Santa Rosa Battery Storage & Solar Power

Recent years have brought significant progress and development in power generation, storage, and management solutions for residential properties and businesses. This is fortunate for communities like Sonoma and Napa impacted by wildfire. We recommend battery, solar, or generator solutions tailored specifically to our customers' needs.


The Santa Rosa fire safety team at Firebrand helps our customers capitalize on new developments to ensure their properties are equipped with the most cutting-edge power storage and generation upgrades. We want you to be prepared for anything.

Firebrand works with clients to design plans unique to their specific properties, including services such as: 

●    Battery storage set-up 
●    Solar panel installation coordination
●    Solar power management 
●    Home battery management

The Future of California
Power Generation

New home codes, driven by the goal of energy efficiency, prescribe nodal power grids, which equip homes with the technology necessary to not only harness and store their own energy, but access and utilize it when needed. These new developments will lead to the installation of batteries, solar panels, and wind equipment in many homes and smaller businesses in California. 

Our power generation team assists home and business owners in Napa, Marin, and Sonoma with customized power generation and battery storage systems for their properties. We help you stay prepared and protected in this changing fire environment by incorporating the latest in home batteries and electricity storage systems.  

Is Your Sonoma County Home Energy Independent?

Firebrand has access to technology that allows our clients to capture, store, and then sell electricity back to the local grid. In addition to the greater energy independence this provides, it also allows homes and small to mid-sized businesses to generate emergency electricity in the case of wildfires or widespread emergency power shutoffs.

The recent fires in Northern California have made this new reality more tangible as PG&E implements Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), leaving many of its customers without access to power in the times of emergency when they are likely to need it most. 

Best Generator for Your Santa Rosa Home


Recognizing the power needs of our Northern California community, we have developed strategic partnerships with premier companies such as Sonnen, Kohler Power Generation, and Cummins Power Systems. These partnerships enable us to deliver comprehensive power services and safety systems to our clients.


As a general contractor, our founder Richard Kirby is prepared with unique, integrative solutions that are designed to address all types of power, fire safety, and efficiency concerns. These partnerships let our Sonoma County team at Firebrand secure the best prices on equipment and coordinate quick installation times for a variety of property types and demands.


Pioneer the way you power your home. Firebrand Safety Systems is proud to partner with sonnen, the ultimate home battery solution for Sonoma County homeowners. sonnen helps our clients power their homes with cleaner energy, protecting them from outages before they happen and storing energy for when it’s most needed. With a goal of cleaner, reliable, and more affordable energy for everyone, Firebrand is proud to be a certified sonnen Battery Partner.

Utilizing sonnen means you have access to the longest-lasting battery technology, ensuring your home will be powered, day and night.

KOHLER Power Generation

We believe in making safer homes simpler by installing backup power you can count on. One of the reasons we chose to make a power generation partnership with KOHLER is their focus on making home generators accessible and easy for customers. Their backup home generators automatically start and restore power in just a matter of seconds, even if a homeowner is away. 

With KOHLER, you can be confident knowing the electronics and utilities you rely on the most in times of power outages, from your refrigerator to your AC and lights, will stay up and running. 

Interested in learning more about setting up an energy efficient backup power system for your home or business? Contact us and we will set up a consultation with our Sonoma generator and solar experts to discuss solutions. 

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