The Defender



The Defender is our most complete GO KIT, containing everything a homeowner needs to feel safe and prepared in a fire evacuation. Although this GO KIT is complete with all the essentials, it still fits in our medium-sized custom Firebrand backpack for easy grab-and-go when it comes down to minutes. Prepare now for a wildfire, and thank yourself later.


About Firebrand GO KITs

Every component of our fire safety GO KITs have been hand-selected by the construction, home safety, and wildfire response experts at Firebrand Safety Systems. Based in Sonoma and Napa, our Northern California team has 40 years of experience. We are dedicated to helping our community stay safe and prepared in the face of wildfires.


Firebrand GO KITs contain the essentials you need to get out in a fire. We’ve customized and hand-picked these items to give you peace of mind and lifesaving tools should an evacuation occur. In a wildfire, every minute counts. Be ready.

The Defender

  • Firebrand Large Bag
  • Anti Fire Smoke Mask
  • Odyssey Fire Goggle
  • Fire proof /Fire Suppression Blanket
  • Crank Flashlight/Radio/Charger
  • Headlamp
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Burn Shield
  • Large Fire/Water Proof Document Bag
  • Toiletries w/ wipes added
  • Rescue Whistle
  • 10 Bags of Water
  • Helmet
  • Flame Resistant Coveralls
  • Flame Resistant Nomex Hood
  • NOAA Radio