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Battery, Solar, and Generator Power in Sonoma County

Protecting Northern California Communities

  As our Sonoma community faces increased fire and power outage threats, safety preparedness and immediate emergency response are more critical than ever. Our team at Firebrand Safety Systems is committed to leading the way in identifying and implementing effective power and fire safety solutions. We are dedicated to equipping our clients with backup power solutions including solar, power, and generators.

With his unique background as a firefighter and fine home builder, our founder launched Northern California's first  full-service fire safety company to help home and business owners in Northern California stay prepared. Firebrand provides contracting and consulting solutions for Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and surrounding communities.

Power Storage & Generation Services

When it comes to cutting-edge solutions for power generation and fire safety needs, Firebrand Safety Systems is the team to call. Our founder's unique background and experience means we are one of the few companies able to serve as a full-service general contractor on the installation and service of power generation, solar power, battery backups for homes, water storage, and safety evacuation products. 

Start with an on-site consultation to have your fire safety and power storage needs assessed. 

Fire Safety Experts Serving Sonoma County

Most companies only take a part of the picture into consideration when preparing properties for potential fire threats. Firebrand Safety Systems is different. We noticed this problem with the industry, especially in the aftermath of the most recent wildfires in Northern California. This was the drive behind our desire to create a business that would provide holistic, integrative fire safety solutions for home and business owners in the area. We tailor total fire safety systems, taking both personal and property protection into account. 

Our Santa Rosa fire safety experts are passionate about keeping people safe. When you entrust your property to us, we thoroughly review your desired plan and all available options to protect against fire and other unforeseen circumstances. 


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In addition to caring for your personal safety, we strive to set systems up that will provide additional levels of protection against property loss.

We help get you prepared for emergency situations including the public power safety power shut offs (PSPS) that frequently occur in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and surrounding communities. Firebrand Safety Systems is your provider for solar, battery, and generators in Sonoma County.


With the latest in home code driven energy efficiency pushing for a nodal power grid, homes of the future will be capable of storing and then using their own electricity. With our power generation, solar, and storage services, you can ensure your home is on the cutting edge.

Did You Know?

Know the Facts and Be Prepared.

Power Generation

Generators can be dangerous. It's important to know laws & safety measures. (Source)



California now experiences 78 more "fire days" than it did

50 years ago. (Source)



Cal Fire states 3 million homes exist in "very high fire hazard severity zones."

If you would like to discuss Sonoma & Napa fire safety and power storage services, reach out to us at Firebrand Safety Systems today.