Choose The Kit That's Right For You

What's The Difference?

In a wildfire, every second counts.


Firebrand GO KITs give you lifesaving essentials when minutes make the difference.


Why We Made The GO KITs

Our Northern California fire safety professionals train homeowners and prepare properties for wildfire. We realized that fire-specific emergency kits could save lives in an evacuation. Most of these items are not normally kept in a home, much less in a consolidated grab-bag. We developed our fire safety GO KITs so you could have the essential equipment you need in a fire emergency.

How We Made The GO KITS

Drawing from extensive experience and safety training, our experts put extreme thought and care into every component of our wildfire preparedness backpacks. Designed to grab and go when minutes makes the difference, Firebrand’s GO KITs are stocked with vital lifesaving equipment. Every piece is fine-tuned to perfection. Many components are customized by our experts to perfectly serve their purpose.